In 2015, the DC Council identified Hearst Park as a candidate for some needed upkeep and renovation.  By early 2016, it became apparent that Hearst Park had also been selected as a default site for an outdoor pool in Ward 3, prior to any community input or study. Throughout this process, despite assurances from DC Department of General Services (DGS) and others, community input processes and transparency about the project have been extremely limited. Both city and elected officials have not responded requests for explanations about the true scope and nature of the project, environmental considerations such as ongoing drainage issues at the site and preservation of the historic trees this park was created to protect, a maintenance plan for any park renovations or pool, or the associated trade offs such as loss of tennis courts or soccer field use. These and other lingering questions deserve answers in order to ensure the sound stewardship of this rare urban green space now, and for future generations.